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End of the World, Rapture of the Church


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My latest book, April 2022

"End of the World, Rapture of the church: Annual September False Prophecies, 1999—2020"

A 296 page professionally written book with Appendices.

This book is a labour of love that the Lord Most High has inspired me to research and write, for God’s people.

Many of you may question whether modern-day astronomy plays a critical role in Biblical prophecy. What is the truth? Some have been duped to believe it. This book is for God’s people, to heighten awareness by shining a light on what is deemed Biblically acceptable, and without question. Many mainstream Christian leaders and other astronomy advocates provide a seemingly compelling, well-reasoned Biblical basis why Believers should embrace it. However, this is a delusion. This present writer will show how they have wrested, twisted, and mispresented the Scriptures that give reference to the constellations. This is in order to justify modern-day observance as Biblical, and subsequently, their engagement in it. This reasoning enables proponents to believe that they have a Biblical license and foundation to declare prophecies. This is false. This book will provide a meticulous examination of Scripture to correct these misrepresentations. This includes exposing astronomy on two levels. First, a full examination of Scripture how it pertains to the occult ‘abomination’ crafts of Deuteronomy 18. The second, consists of a general academic analysis how it become an annexation to freemasonry. This book furnishes a real eye-opener about the blood-moon prophecies, planet alignments, position of the stars and their significance. In addition, this author will demonstrate why the Bethlehem Star sign prophecy for 2015, and the Revelation 12 Star sign prophecy for 2017, were completely false prophecies. This author has examined Revelation prophecies in conjunction with Daniel. The book also discusses 'how in the world' could Biblical Prophecy be in subordination to the Mayan Calendar prophecy for 2012 and 2020?

As part of this writer’s apologetics examination of the above, this writer provides an in-depth commentary on the events between the sixth (6th) seal to the sixth (6th) trumpet. This is the third year. This is an analysis of what will be taking place at the start of the third year to mid-point.

Professing Born Again Believers and non-Believers have attempted to predict the return of the Lord Jesus Christ for centuries, but it has become increasingly acute since 1999, with the onset of the Internet and various online media platforms. It all started, or at least, it came to international prominence, with the prophecies of Nostradamus in 1999. He predicted the world would catastrophically end at that time. Every annual September/October since 1999, consecutively, to the current year, 2023, there has been an explosion of false prophecies. The world is supposed to end, and/or the rapture of the church was supposed to occur, and it has not.  The study period for the purposes of this book is 1999 to 2020. 

These doomsday predictions vary from Y2K computer databases crashes to Harold Camping, alien invasions, Nibiru, calculation prophecies, etc. They predicted the world would end with a series of earthquakes culminating with the rapture. In some cases, they fused together both the rapture and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The most significant false prophecy of all the aggregate prophecies was the Mayan calendar doomsday craze, and was propagated by Tom Horn in his book, ‘Apollyon Rising 2012.' This was further heightened by the 2012 London Olympics—Apollyon rising from the ashes (the rise of the fiery burning phoenix, depicted antichrist). 

This book will show how Born Again Believers have been beguiled by these false Christian teachers’ and secular soothsayers, to believe and follow their false predictions. Has God commanded these people to speak these prophecies? What does the Lord Jesus Christ and God think about all of this? What God says, and what He thinks about anything is contained in the Bible. The roadmap that this book will take will comprise—

i.   Laying the foundation by a Biblical analysis of the Holy Scriptures—to establish the truth that such predictions cannot be from God The Most High. 

ii.  An indepth examination of both Biblical oriented prophecies and the secular ones.

Hay muchos dispositivos en el corazón de un hombre; sin embargo, el consejo del SEÑOR, que permanecerá

Proverbios 19:21

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